Being active has always played a huge part in my life. I started dance at the age of 4 mainly focussing on ballet which I practiced for 10 years. Then team sports such as Netball took over and have been integrated into my life ever since. Being active and partaking in exercise has been such an important pillar in my life. Whether it has been to have fun and be social, reduce stress or complete a physical challenge, I have always reaped the benefits.


Back in 2014 I completed the London Marathon which ignited my passion for running, pushing me past what I thought was my limit and helped me overcome a mental block of 'I can't'. At this point in my life my fitness was the best it had ever been and I was continually getting stronger. Sometime after the marathon I suffered a knee injury which put me out for a little over half a year. I became sedentary and ultimately let my injury take over my life. I was making excuses not to exercise due to fear of making it worse or not being able to train at the level I had done before. This inevitably led me to becoming frustrated with my situation.


During this time I was working in Marketing and it was only when I started becoming more active again that I saw that being behind a desk wasn't allowing me to reach my full potential. Although I couldn't do high impact sports or lift weights while I was injured, it didn't mean I couldn't be active. I just needed a change of perspective. I switched up my training methods and starting focusing on what I could do and simply moving my body again, realising that letting my injury win wasn't the answer. I soon started to recognise just how valuable my body was and it gave me a new appreciation for my body, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

When I started out on my journey as a Personal Trainer, my goal was to help clients become the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves. To value and appreciate their bodies in the present moment no matter where they may be at in their fitness journey and ultimately impacting their lives in a positive way. I believe this is done through exercise and living a more active lifestyle, nourishing our bodies with good food and having positive motivation and reinforcement along the way.


Skiing is a big passion of mine, everything about being in the mountains is pretty epic. I have completed two ski seasons in France and New Zealand. I understand how important it is to have fully functioning mobility and a good level of fitness in order to reduce the risk of injury and to maximise your skiing whilst on the slopes. Skiing holidays are usually intense and physically demanding on our bodies, we often forget to prep our bodies but expect them to be able to cope with skiing 6-9 hours a day. This is why I offer Pre Ski Training Sessions to help get your muscles conditioned for the slopes, reduce risk of injury and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness. So you can ski from dawn to dusk, enjoying the evenings in the local town bar.  

We are only given ONE body, ONE life and we should celebrate and embrace it!