Pre Natal 

Stay Fit, Healthy and Strong throughout your pregnancy


Stepping in to a gym or knowing what exercises you should and shouldn't be doing can be daunting when pregnant. Exercise during pregnancy is going to be beneficial to both you and you baby 

Why exercise when pregnant?

  • Helps reduce back pain, swelling, bloating and helps digestion 

  • Improves energy and mood 

  • Increases muscular strength, tone and endurance 

  • Improves sleep 

Exercise during pregnancy has the potential to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes and pregnancy-related high blood pressure, as well as lessen the symptoms of postpartum depression.

Post Natal 

Bounce back from your pregnancy safely and quickly. 

Exercising after pregnancy is just as important as exercising before. During pregnancy and labour the body have undergone some big changes and the body will continue to undergo more changes. It is important to have a strong body in order to cope with being a mum 

It is important you have been cleared by your doctor post pregnancy in order to start exercising.