Hey! and welcome to my new website - Jessica Frances.

To give you a little bit of an introduction to me...I am a Personal Trainer currently based in Berlin. I am passionate about all things health & fitness, real food & clean eating, travel & finding my own balance in the world. I believe in living an active and balanced lifestyle to maintain health, exercising to feel good and nourishing our bodies with good, real food to live and function optimally.

This blog will be somewhere I will be sharing fitness info & workouts tips, recipes & life hacks for healthy eating & snacking (lots of tasty low & natural sugar treats) and I will also be sharing some of my own experiences with you along the way. I hope to contribute in motivating and empowering all of you to feel strong and happy in your own skin and to appreciate and love YOUR body.

We are only given one body, how do you want to treat yours?

Look forward to sharing lots with you.

Jess xx